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Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011

Top 10 Coolest Facts About Google You Didn’t Know

Today if you want to know anything on internet, what 'll you do? 95% people 'll open the Google and type their required thing's name in the bar and search. Google is the highly recommended search engine by most of the people. But there are many things which probably you don't know about Google.
Here is a list of such Cool facts which are lesser known to the common Google user. I am sharing with you.
  1. "Google" name actually was just an accidently spelling mistake by the Founders of it. They were going for the "Googol".
  2. The Real fact that why the Google page is so simple and bare because the founders had have no knowledge about the HTML. They 're simply trying to create a quick search interface.
  3. A thing which really boost up the traffic for Google was the launch of their spell checking tool. Which named as "Did you mean…..". This thing really doubled the overall traffic quite instantly.
  4. "Orkut" is an awesome application built by a genius Google engineer. He was told to do whatever he wanted to do. That's why from nowhere "Orkut" looks like an App of Google.
  5. In the Google office, there are no dress codes. So you can wear whatever you like. i.e ugly looking dresses or even a super hero costume.
  6. "Gmail" was just an internal program to communicate and share things. There 're 6 different types of users in that E-mailing program. Gmail is the mixture of all those 6.
  7. The Employees are allowed to consume 20% of their duty time to spend on their own innovative projects. Orkut and Google News are examples of such projects.
  8. There are different 117
    languages in which Google Products appear. These numbers also include 5 languages which have no existence like Elmer Fudd and Swedish Chef.
  9. Google started its first operation in 1998 from a rented garage as their workplace.
  10. In 1999, When Google shifted its workplace to their Paolo Alto office, there 're just 19 employees and Today it has 2,700 Googlers.

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